Photos: Well dressed woman suddenly goes insane on the streets on Cameroon

Photos: Well dressed woman suddenly goes insane on the streets on Cameroon

This well dressed woman parked her Prado SUV on the road, came out and started acting up on the streets of Duola, Cameroon yesterday March 17th. When people gathered no one could understand what she was saying as it was all gibberish. She was about to remove her clothes when passersby intervened and stopped her from going completely na

ked…and called the police.

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Husband Snatcher Disgraced in the Market

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Wonders shall never end oh, see how this lady was disgrace in the market for snatching another woman’s husband..


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Woman Throws 10-Year-Old Boy Into River Over Witchcraft


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10-year-old boy, Usen Okon, was thrown into the Imo River in the Ikot Abasi area of Akwa Ibom State, by his aunty over witchcraft accusation, however, he survived the ordeal.

According to PUNCH, Okon was under the care of his paternal aunt, identified simply as Ekaeyen, at Etebi community in the Esit Eket Local Government Area of the state as his parents had died. A few days ago, Okon was aroused from sleep by Ekaeyen who took him to her husband and asked him to confess to being a wizard. When Okon denied the witchcraft accusation, his aunt threatened to throw him into a river.

The Senior Project Manager, Mr. Ayobami Ojedokun, of NGO – the Humanist Association for Peace and Social Tolerance Advancement and its partner, Child’s Rights and Rehabilitation Network, who are taking care of the boy told PUNCH:

True to her words, on November 16, Ekaeyen actually took Okon to the Imo River and threw him into the water thinking that the boy would drown. The boy came out of the water alive and went to their home, only to be told that her auntie had relocated.”

The acting Police Public Relations Officer, Akwa Ibom State Police Command, Mr. Iboro Victor, however said he was not aware of the incident.

“The incident is not to my knowledge right now,” he said.


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This is Freedom For Our Ladies! Yes, A woman can also propose to a man”

Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, while preaching on “Prepaper for the wedding”, on Sunday March 16th, shared his opinion about women proposing to the man and also gave insight on how they can go about it. Read Pastor Sam Adeyemi opinion below.

“Some people may ask, Pastor is it okay for it to be the lady that will tell the guy about marriage? Well, is there anywhere in the bible that says a lady can’t tell a man? The thing though is, a lot of time,
it’s better for the guy to pop the question because men become suspicious a lot of time when they are being chased.

They like to eat meat that they chased in
the bush. They don’t like the one that falls on their lap dead. However., sometimes, all the signs are there that she is the one but he is not just speaking. Its also not healthy for the lady emotionally for the man to be so close to her and yet not say anything. So in such a case, a lady needs to prod him.
So how can a lady go about it? Ask him where are we going? I sense this is where the relationship is going, what do you think? Its either a yes or a no, but with that, you know where you are going instead of being on an emotional roller coaster and your heart is smashed into pieces at the end
of the day”.

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