Carry your wife to the bed when she sleeps off in the sitting room, make her feel like a baby at times. The truth is, every woman wants to be treated like a 2yrs old girl at times, that’s why women behave childish or silly at times.

You may have an argument with your wife and the next thing is that you will see her putting her bags outside the house, it doesn’t mean she is asking for a divorce, she is just being childish, she simply wants you to hold her, look her in the eyes and say “I am sorry for the argument”

That’s women for you. Every brother needs to study in the university of women before getting married, read books about them, learn what the Bible says about them and you will hardly have a problem with them.

Though there may still be some challenges, because you’re both from different background and your imperfections are bound to stand.

So, read books about marriage, an ideal home, child upbringing, importance of marriage and the likes. Don’t just jump into marriage with an empty head about matrimony, you will have problems.

How many men can tolerate their wives nagging let alone shouting? It’s said that, you should be quiet when your spouse is angry, when one person is fire, the other person should be water.

Brothers, when your wife steps on your feet intentionally or mistakenly, don’t let your eyes turn red, just smile at her, if she did it intentionally, she is just playing with you, if she did it mistakenly, its not her fault. So why shout at her over every small mistake?

As a man learn to ignore some things, don’t be petty. Some men are feminist; Do “hide and seek” with your wife, sing poems for your wife in the garden or inside the house, even if she is teasing you.

Assist her in the house chores, pound yam, fetch water, don’t make her look like your maid. Bathe together, wake her up for prayers, swim with her if it’s available, cook together, teach her how to cook if she doesn’t know how to cook. Cooking is not the ticket to Paradise. It’s not only a feminine duty.

Use blind folds to cover her eyes and tickle her, scare her at times, call her from work/ school, text her, write “I love you” in a small note and put it under her pillow or in her purse or in her bathroom or in her cosmetics box or inside her cupboard. Kiss her always, cuddle her, pamper her and play with her hair. Always tell her, she’s beautiful and that you’re happy to have her as your partner.
All these are part of being romantic…When a woman tells you that you are not romantic. It means you are not doing all these things, its not the romance in the bedroom she is talking about. That’s why, you brothers have to study “women’s language” it’s a 10 year course.


It is part of your duty to be romantic too. Your shyness shouldn’t get to your marital life and that doesn’t mean you should be shy to express your love to your husband.

Send sweet text messages to your husband at work, sometimes even if you are in the room discussing with your husband, still be chatting with him on social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Imo, bbm etc) even though he is right in front of you, it’s fun and romantic! Discuss how lovely he is on your facebook timeline, this will trip him a lot.

You should be chatting with your husband, not other men on social media networks.

Buy flowers for him. When eating, give him the biggest meat. At times, bake cake for him to surprise him. Ladies, use your soft voice to sing for him, be creative, a poem like (twinkle, twinkle lovely spouse, how I wonder what you are, up above my world so high, like a diamond in my heart).

Sing poems for him, no shyness is allowed. Don’t just be welcoming your husband with an angry face because there is no money in the house, God is our provider. Don’t welcome your husband with your body smelling maggi, don’t only play with your husband when he receives his salary.

Welcome him with a warm hug always, and when he is going to work, pray to God to keep him safe and for him to be successful.

Support him, advise him, wipe his tears, be grateful to him, it’s not easy to be a man, when you see his faith waxing cold, encourage him, don’t threaten him that you will seek for divorce, don’t compare him with other men, buy him gifts, wash his clothes, sing for him, praise him in a way that he wouldn’t think of an alternative, be the best cook, wash his car if u have the time, dress him up, pamper him when he is sick.

Wake him with a peck and don’t complain about his snoring habit.
Let kiss be the messenger between you. Read books on intimacy, don’t learn it from what you see in movies..

Most of what you see there are not real. Call your husband pet names. Though you can also call him by his name even if he is 30yrs older than you, as far as he is comfortable with it.

Remember that, God said, men are the protectors and maintainers of women. So respect him and honour him even if he is younger than you. Marriage isn’t a bed of roses but a bed of sacrifice. It’s said that, there is nothing better for two people who love each other than marriage.

To fall in love is a disease and its cure is to marry the person one is in love with. Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion and the romance and you find out you still care for that person.

Finally, married men, divide your nights into 3: one for yourself (sleeping), one for your wife and one for your Lord.. That’s the best night one can ever have.




TERRIBLE: Newly Married Wife Caught Red-handed Doing IT with a Popular Carpenter

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This is another terrible drama that took place in Kitengela, Nairobi.
From our source, the man just got married to his cheating wife 4 months ago. And to make the story worse, the man who was also caught cheating with the wife is a popular carpenter in the neighborhood, who even attended their wedding. What a world!


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Video: Guy Caught his Girlfriend cheating with another Man in Lagos

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A Guy caught his girlfriend cheating with another man in the room, He was told by one the neighbors of the girl but didn’t believe it until he caught them red-handed

He was told that another man was in his girlfriend’s room, so he went to pick his camera and called his friend then when they got inside the room BOOM! He met his girlfriend on top of another guy, he was so disapointed and angry to the extent that he dealt with them, asked them to continue and recorded them,… READ MORE


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Why I Won’t Put a Ring on My Babymama’s Finger- OristeFemi


The Double Wahala crooner is avoiding double trouble. He revealed that he has two daughters aged 9 and 10 from different baby mama. When asked about marrying his babymamas, Oritsefemi told Vanguard that,

Honestly, for now, I am not married. But definitely, I am going to get married very soon. I have a fiancé and we have been together for close to two years now.

On his fiance being the mother of his kid

No. My two daughters are from different mothers and I am not marrying any of them.It’s a long story. Back in time, as a street boy, growing up in the ghetto city of Ajegunle, I had some childhood girlfriends who got pregnant.Then, I had no means of livelihood to sustain them. But I ensured that I took care of my kids right from when they were born. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take care of their mothers because of my financial status then. But now, that God has elevated me, I am planning to take my children abroad. Read More

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Am Not Ready For Marriage Yet-Flavour


While other celebs flaunt their material possessions, Flavour doesn’t. Instead,he flaunts his physique. It’s been met with mixed reactions but, he doesn’t mind because he works hard for it. He told Saturday beats…
“If I am not doing music, I love to work out and when I do that, I am confident enough to show my body on my social media accounts. If you call me a sex symbol, you are not lying. I feel it is a good thing for people to believe in themselves and be confident. I believe in hard work and it shows in my music and the way I work out at the gym. I exercise a lot and take out time to keep fit and maintain my physique,”

On Getting married, Flavour who just welcomed a child says he is not ready  

“I don’t like to talk about being a father but I don’t have any plans for marriage right now and it is because my career is very demanding. I would always want to spend time with my family and it is not something I can do now because I am all over the place. I was raised in the proper way with my parents always watching over me and I want to do the same to my family. For now, I don’t want to get married.” Read More

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Five Most Annoying First Date Questions

First dates are awkward already. The fact that you’ll be meeting a somewhat stranger for the first time in an
intimate setting is already weird enough. We definitely don’t want to complicate things and make it more
uncomfortable by asking silly annoying questions, or questions that quite frankly just cross the line.

1. What Do You Do For Fun?

Yes I know, it’s an easy conversation starter, blah blah blah, but it’s also very unoriginal. Asking me what I do for fun is like asking me what I eat. It all depends on the day and the moment. No one really expects to me to list all the things I do for fun do they? So I give them the standard answer, “I’m open to anything fun.

2. What Kind Of Guys Do You Like?

So what if by some chance I end up describing a guy that’s the complete opposite of the guy I’m on a date with. Is that wrong? Would that be mean? That’s how I feel when a guy asks me that question. It’s like a set up. So if I’m on a date with a 9-5 guy and he asks me this question, I’ll just tell him I typically prefer dope boys,
and 19 guys. Maybe that’ll make him feel better. Tip to guys, don’t ask question you don’t want to hear
the answer to.

3. Why Are You Single?

Takes a deep breath

Uhmmm.. Why are YOU single? People are single for one or two reasons. The last person they dated was a jerk, or they haven’t found the right person. It’s like asking why is the sky blue? It just is. It’s such an annoying question, yet it’s so common on first dates. You wouldn’t believe the number of people that ask this question. Maybe out of nothing else to ask. Standard answer next time? I’m single because I’m not
in a relationship.

4. When Last Did You Have Sex?

Talk about crossing the line. I was on a date with this guy one time, and we were really enjoying ourselves,
talking laughing, and there I was thinking “this might be the start of something special”, and then he just
blurted out, “When last did you get some?” Excuse me. Just cos I’m laughing with you doesn’t mean you can just cross the line like that. It’s definitely not a first date question, and sends out the signals that you’re after one thing. I mean what if I’m a virgin (not like I am, but still). That’s just
inappropriate, and needless to say I deleted his number once I got home.

5. What Went Wrong Between You and Your Ex?

This is one of those questions again where someone is crossing the line for a first date. Do you really expect me to sit and tell you all about my last relationship? Common son, you really didn’t just ask that. It’s annoying already bringing up any kind of ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend topic, but to take it a step further to ask what went wrong is just invasive and quite frankly pretty lame.

I know some people might ask naively, but it’s not a good look. Standard response to this is to say “nothing
went wrong”, and sit back and enjoy that confused look on their face.
That’s all folks. Do I sound bitter and annoyed? Maybe.

Just thinking about these annoying questions make my blood boil. Let’s hear it from you guys though, what are the most annoying questions you’ve
gotten on a first date.

Peace out. Michael Cletus!!

Pictures: Comedian Dan D’ Humurous weds radio presenter girlfriend

Daniel Chibuzor Nnwoka popularly known as Dan D’ Humorous married his Radio/TV Journalist girlfriend, Milliscent Adanma Maduagwu yesterday Saturday April 26th in Surulere, Lagos. Milliscent is a presenter with NigeriaInfo in Port Harcourt. Congrats to the couple. More photos after the cut…

Men; tell the truth, would you say yes to this proposition?

If you’re going to answer this question, please answer sincerely. Answer anonymously so no one knows it’s you but please do answer sincerely. In the last few days, I’ve asked a few guys this question…and to tell you the truth, I was
astonished by the answers I got. So I decided to bring it here to see what other guys will say.

Something similar actually happened to someone I know. Here’s the question. You’re straight. You’ve never fantasized about being with a man, in fact you’re quite homophobic and don’t understand the concept of homosexuality. Then a rich
gay guy approaches you. OK, pause. If you’re rich or even very comfortable, then this question is not for you. I’m talking about broke, student, down and out and in need of money…that kind of scenario etc.
So this rich gay man propositions you.

Have sex with him with you being the top (find out what that means on no
one will ever find out and you will get N2million. How many of you straight men here (saying gays must be will say yes? Be anonymous. Be sincere. The rest of you will probably be shocked by the answers…or maybe not…:-). Let’s hear it!
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This is Freedom For Our Ladies! Yes, A woman can also propose to a man”

Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, while preaching on “Prepaper for the wedding”, on Sunday March 16th, shared his opinion about women proposing to the man and also gave insight on how they can go about it. Read Pastor Sam Adeyemi opinion below.

“Some people may ask, Pastor is it okay for it to be the lady that will tell the guy about marriage? Well, is there anywhere in the bible that says a lady can’t tell a man? The thing though is, a lot of time,
it’s better for the guy to pop the question because men become suspicious a lot of time when they are being chased.

They like to eat meat that they chased in
the bush. They don’t like the one that falls on their lap dead. However., sometimes, all the signs are there that she is the one but he is not just speaking. Its also not healthy for the lady emotionally for the man to be so close to her and yet not say anything. So in such a case, a lady needs to prod him.
So how can a lady go about it? Ask him where are we going? I sense this is where the relationship is going, what do you think? Its either a yes or a no, but with that, you know where you are going instead of being on an emotional roller coaster and your heart is smashed into pieces at the end
of the day”.

Thanks to Michael Cletus Ogechi

10 Mistakes Girls Make With Guys

Please appreciate the fact that men and women are wired differently. They have different ways of expressing and varying levels of emotional understanding. Avoid making silly mistakes by getting a few simple things right. These are some of the ten most common mistakes women make in a relationship.

1. Too many questions about the past:

The fact that your man is in a relationship with you currently is proof enough that he is in love with you and has already gotten over his past relationships. While it’s good to know a little bit about his past, don’t take the liberty of digging so deep that his wounds freshen up.

  1. Visiting his workplace:

This is quite a sensitive issue as most men
don’t like their girlfriends dropping in at their workplaces without being told. It is only if you are in a steady relationship from a long time or engaged that you can take the liberty of dropping into your man’s workplace uninformed.

  1. Bringing up marriage:

If you have been in a relationship for a long
time, it’s but natural that you will talk about
marriage and settling down at some point. You may have a conversation about this once but don’t bring up the topic again and again. You will be at a loss if your man gets irritated by the same conversation taking place repetitively. It’s not that men are averse to commitment; it’s just that they take some time in taking these important decisions.


4.Pretending to be someone:

If there is anything that men hate, it is lies and hypocrisy. Many women make the blunder of pretending to be what they are not in reality. For instance, if you don’t like putting on makeup and dressing too much for a party, don’t do it just for him. He will immediately sense your discomfort. He would much rather appreciate and love your honesty and expect you to be what you are.

  1. Compare financials:

How would you feel if someone compared your salary figures to that of your contemporaries? Terrible, surely! Although in today’s world, women see themselves as equals to men, men still think of themselves as bread earners of the family. Treat your man with respect irrespective of his earning. Don’t ever make the mistake of comparing his financials with others.

  1. Don’t attempt to mend him:

Accept him with all his flaws and abilities.
Don’t try and mother him to change his habits according to your needs. Give your man his space and watch how that automatically brings him to you.

  7.Giving too much freedom:

If you see your man talking to other women at most of the parties and even going to the extent of flirting with them when you’re around, take that as a warning signal and strike on it as soon as possible but don’t be rude, do it politely and in style. You may be making a terrible mistake by trusting your partner blindly with such behavior.


8.Expecting expression of feelings all the time:

Men are not used to constant expression. For instance, you should expect a compliment from him once in a while but if you start expecting it every day then you are calling for trouble. You have to understand that just because men don’t
express the way in which women freely do; it doesn’t mean they don’t love with passion.


9.Talking negatively:

If you bitch about others in front of your man all the time (once in a while is acceptable of course), it will make him feel that someday when you are not together you will talk about him in the same way with other people. Don’t make an impression on him that you are a negative person.


10.Comparing Looks:

Impress your man by showing some confidence about how beautiful and attractive you look. It’s not your outfit but your confidence that attracts your man. In trying to fish for compliments by comparing your physical appearance with other women, you are just making matters worse.

In-addition: Women often commit blunders
with men in relationships. It’s a matter of
understanding that men have a certain way of dealing with things that is different from
women. Once you get this point, you will be
much more comfortable and at ease in dealing with the men in your life.
(WATCH OUT FOR 10 MISTAKE MEN MAKE IN A RELATIONSHIP) By Greg Ighodaro and Thanks to Michael Cletus Ogechi