VIDEO: M.I Set To Re-Unite Choc Boiz


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Did you attend the M.I’s “The Chairman” listening party. Did you listen “brother” in the album and have tingles in your spine? Do you miss the Jesse Jagz, MI and Ice Prince combination? Do you miss that group that did “Nobody Test Me”? Do you miss that no rap group can hold a performance better them in Africa?

In his track with Milli and Nosa, it was very obvious M.I misses brother and friend “The Choc Boiz”, Jesse Jagz Abaga and Ice Prince Zamani who are the completing part of the group broke up as a result of Jesse Jagz leaving the label that M.I co-owns, Chocolate City. I can remember M.I ‘s The Chairman listening party, Jesse Jagz aroused goose pimples when he showed up at the event on stage with M.I though they didn’t perform.

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Sources from Chocolate City label claim they may hit the studio by next year and since M.I is really eager to working with Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince in the studio and on stage again Nigerians won’t have wait too long for a comeback. Read More


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“Chocolate City Was Never A Group” – Jesse Jagz


rapper Jesse Jagz said in a recent interview that Chocolate city was never a group.

The singer, who is a brother to The Chairman Jude “MI” Abaga,  spoke about his departure from the label and the effect on his career in this recent

interview. Read the interview  below:

What defines Jesse Jagz as a brand?

I guess it is the freedom and confidence to express myself without the fear of compromise, criticism or opinion. I would say that is basically what Jesse Jagz brand is about.

What was it like being a part of Chocolate City family?

I would say it was a nice learning and working experience for me. It is quite memorable as well. Chocolate City was family to me before I got signed on and they still are.

What was your reason for leaving the group?

We were never a group. When I left Chocolate City, my contract was as a solo artiste. We had always been solo artistes. So, I didn’t leave a group. I left solely to make the sort of music that I always wanted to make. It was a professional decision that I had to make.

How easy was it, having to part ways with your brother, MI?

MI is my brother, not my label mate. He is my brother and he is so dear to me. I knew the media would construe it as if we had differences. The only problem I had leaving was public perception. MI is my brother. I parted ways with a record label, not my brother.

MI implied in a report that your exit from Chocolate City came as a shock to him. Didn’t you carry him along?

We didn’t sign as a family or partners. It was a personal step to take. The decision to sign and leave was mine. There are decisions you have to make for you and only by you.

Brymo has also left the label. Is there something going on within the label that fans don’t know about?

Brymo didn’t get signed by his label mates; he signed with the company, which has staff members who are not artistes. So, whatever Brymo’s issue is, it could only have been with the record label.

So, how has it been since you parted ways with Chocolate City?

It has been challenging but rewarding. It has been a whole different experience.

How is your relationship with the members of Chocolate City family? Many believe that you are not in good terms with them?

We are on good terms. I am good with everyone. Relationships evolve and change and you must make room for adjustment. We are always going to be family. It is part of friendship and growing up. I can’t be bothered by other people’s opinions. I never have and I never will be bothered.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I look up to no one. I am inspired and have been inspired by a lot of great people, but I look up to me. I don’t want to be like anyone out there.

If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

It would like to see an industry built on standards, ethics and merit.

What is your relationship now with your baby mama? When do you intend to settle down?

We have always been close friends. I really can’t say when I’m settling down. The answer eludes me. READ MORE

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VIDEO: Akon Talks Signing BrymO To Konvict, Dropping Davido, PSquare, Wizkid


Senegalese-American superstar and CEO of Konvict Muzik, AKON recently sat with the good folks at Okay Africa to discuss the growth possibilities of Nigerian/Afropop music in the United States and potentially signing former Chocolate City act BrymO.

Akon also goes as far as name-dropping Naija A-listers under the Konvict Umbrella: Wizkid, P-Square, Davido (are these claims true?). Read More


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Brymo Reacts To Bogus, Spurious Reports Of Flavour’s Album Selling 1million Copies in 5days


We all woke up this morning to a news, that i believe was sponsored for marketing purpose, of Flavour’s new album, THANKFUL selling 1 million pieces in a week. While i have 1 million questions to ask the marketer of the album, Obaino Music Inc, their phone number was not available since i found the news online until the time of the report.

While it is fairly possible to sell 1 million in a week, i find it rather disapproving for Obaino to say it has sold 1 million copies without proper statistics.

In the United States and Canada, Nielsen Soundscan and Recording Industry Association of America track sales and they are both independent bodies not a marketing/distribution company. The two companies collect data every week and make them available every Wednesday to subscribers, which include record companies, publishing firms, music retailers, independent promoters, film and TV companies, and artist managers. Obaino however a distribution company has FAILED to send out data to any of the above channels which has made it’s claim disapproving and far-fetched.

The KEY question i would love to ask Obaino is what they count as SALES, the number of disc it has shipped out to the world is not equal to the number of SALES it has made on the album, rather the number of disc that has gotten to the CONSUMER is the number of sales. A chain of distribution is not completed without the CONSUMER. How did Obaino calculate the number of disc that has been purchased by consumers? I didn’t get a receipt when i bought mine, the disc don’t come with serial numbers, they don’t get scanned by disc seller after been dispersed, how did they count?

I will save my 1 million questions for another day, however until Obaino give some explanation i find their claims BOGUS.

One man that knows more than i do about music distribution is Brymo. He reacted to the report  via his Twitter on Thursday.

Until Obaino provide data, at day 5 on who purchased, where, when, i will continue to listen to Bed of Lies by Nicki Minaj while minding my business at the same time.

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News: Chocolate City and Brymo Set To Return To Court January 14Th 2014

The battle begins again as Chocolate City and their former Artist, Brymo is set to continue at the Federal High
Court, Ikoyi, Lagos as they will return to court on January 14th, 2014. The case was adjourned until 14th of January, after the presiding judge was unavoidable absence at the court leading to the suspension of the case. The case reportedly has been adjourned twice following the November 11 adjournment before this latest one.

The issue between the two is as a result of Brymo’s unceremonious exit from the record label, and there
were a lot of words being thrown around from members of both parties. The notable was Brymo calling out Chocolate City Boss, Audu Maikori
, and saying he’s threatening people trying to work with Brymo.

So let’s wait and see the outcome!!!!

You Cant Count Eggs In A Basket You Dont Have – Jesse Jagz Comments on Brymo/Chocolate City Saga

It’s been a legal fiasco ranging from alleged threats to injunctions to denials and the likes. The legal saga between Brymo and his former
label, Chocolate City still rages on, and now an ex Chocolate City artist, Jesse Jagz and MI Abaga’s younger brother has come out to state his own thoughts, and it looks like he’s throwing his support behind Brymo.
Jesse is said to have left Chocolate City under amicable circumstances and his contract expired and he decided not to renew it. Rumors suggest that there was more to the story than
put out but from an official stand point, there’s no bad blood.

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Photos: The Court Injunction Filed Against Brymo From Chocolate City

Well Byrmo denied it initially, but somehow the
scanned copies of the court injunction filed
against him from Chocolate City have hit the
Hard to deny this one now. Ouch!
MI also took to twitter to make some more

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No Subs! Brymo Calls Out Chocolate City Boss, Audu Maikori; “He’s Threatening Those Trying To Work With Me”

Summary: Chocolate City allegedly have an injunction against Brymo which prevents him from performing, recording or distributing his material; most recently his 3rd studio album
which was just released. Pretty much Brymo legally can’t make any money from music. Chocolate City have not officially confirmed this, and Brymo has come out to say it’s not
true. However Brymo has taken to twitter to takes shots at the label earlier this week, and today
his latest rant calls out Audu Maikori, the Chocolate City Boss and says Audu is threatening people trying to work with him There hasn’t been any official word from Audu, and yo can bet that his sentiments wont be displayed on twitter, however a label mate and
exec, MI Abaga made a comment about it when questioned on the issue from someone on twitter And chances are, MI wont say much else on the
issue. As of right now, it seems that there obviously
some sorting out that needs to happen, and maybe a speed up of the legal process, but it
certainly looks like this needs to go off the media circuit and be resolved in court.
How do you think this well be resolved? Who’s at fault here? Brymo for walking out on the contract? or Chocolate City?
Check out the tweets