WHAT A MIRACLE”: Teenager Dead For 20 Minutes; Claims He Saw Christ Perform Miracle!(photos-and-video)

Before, 17-year-old Zack Clements seemed to be in perfect health. But one day while he was running, he fell suddenly. Then he experienced what some would call “miraculous.”
After collapsing of sudden cardiac arrest, Zack was declared dead for 20 minutes before he came back to life. What makes it so remarkable is what happened during those 20 minutes – described in the video above – and the likelihood of it happening.

Clements describes meeting Jesus, who told him “everything will be alright” and not to worry.


While sports concussions make headlines, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) (different than a “heart attack”) during sports is the number one killer of teen and youth athletes, writes Dr. Jonathan Drezner for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation.

As for Zack and his family, they hold onto his experience as something drawing them closer to their faith. DOWNLOAD VIDEO ON FACEBOOK


Woman Throws 10-Year-Old Boy Into River Over Witchcraft


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10-year-old boy, Usen Okon, was thrown into the Imo River in the Ikot Abasi area of Akwa Ibom State, by his aunty over witchcraft accusation, however, he survived the ordeal.

According to PUNCH, Okon was under the care of his paternal aunt, identified simply as Ekaeyen, at Etebi community in the Esit Eket Local Government Area of the state as his parents had died. A few days ago, Okon was aroused from sleep by Ekaeyen who took him to her husband and asked him to confess to being a wizard. When Okon denied the witchcraft accusation, his aunt threatened to throw him into a river.

The Senior Project Manager, Mr. Ayobami Ojedokun, of NGO – the Humanist Association for Peace and Social Tolerance Advancement and its partner, Child’s Rights and Rehabilitation Network, who are taking care of the boy told PUNCH:

True to her words, on November 16, Ekaeyen actually took Okon to the Imo River and threw him into the water thinking that the boy would drown. The boy came out of the water alive and went to their home, only to be told that her auntie had relocated.”

The acting Police Public Relations Officer, Akwa Ibom State Police Command, Mr. Iboro Victor, however said he was not aware of the incident.

“The incident is not to my knowledge right now,” he said.


To Watch The Video CLICK HERE

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