POSHNET ADVERT AND PROMO RATE offers a great content every month with upwards of 4.8 million page views per month, the converted 18 – 26 demographic. Constantly raising the bar since its inception over a year ago, provides the ideal medium to reach the global world. We are also relied on by the beverage, food, automotive, electronics, music/video and the entertainment industry as a hole, providing for their advertising needs.


Over 400 thousand visitors per month

Over 4.8 million page views in the previous months

Visitors from over 150 countries, also high level of visit from UK, LA, US, SA, GH, Nigeria and many more countries.

Over 1.6 million visit per month, average time of 6mins 50seconds per visit.

Outlined below are our basics advertising rate/opportunities.


728 x 90 – (leader board)

300 x 250 – (medium rectangle)

160 x 600 – (wild scraper)

1280 x 1024 – (single image wallpaper)

300 x 300 – (large rectangle)


Full site takeover which includes all post, all advert banners and background.

Artist full length promotion, post, advert banners and background) and also hype on twitter and facebook.

For all advert rates contacts us by email:


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