Hot Video: Yet Another Lady Disgraced in Downtown For Wearing a Skimpy Dress

Hundreds of activists recently marched in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi to denounce the recurrent stripping of women by taxi operators and street urchins after several incidents were captured on video and shared on social media.

The protesters chanting “My Dress, My Choice” were miffed by the spate of violent street attacks in Kenya targeting women for wearing mini-skirts and clothing seen by many as being too skimpy. The attacks, some of which were caught on grainy cell-phone videos and widely circulated over social media, have sparked outrage in Kenya, and recalled similar incidents in neighboring Uganda, which passed an anti-pornography law last December that was widely seen as banning miniskirts.

In spite of the protest and outrage by Kenyans on this trend, another lady was molested and stripped again in downtown Nairobi for wearing a skimpy dress. Kindly watch and share this video with your contacts on Facebook and other social media. Thanks. Also endeavor to leave your comments and feedback on this video.

To Watch The Video CLICK HERE


Posted by Marvellous Chijioke


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