Hot Video: Video Of Kenyan Police Officer Who Got Stuck with Someone’s wife as a result Black Magic

The recent incidences around Africa of philandering women getting ‘stuck’ with men, has shocked many. Whether this is believable or not, there has been documentary evidence to prove that these occurrences actually happened. The latest is the Shocking Video of a Kenyan Police Officer Who Got Stuck inside Vagina of a Married Woman in Mombasa.

But the question is ‘Is There Science behind Getting ‘Stuck’ During Sex? The big question is, does it really happen? Do people really get stuck in the heat of the moment? Dr John Ong’ech, a reproductive health specialist at Kenyatta National Hospital says it is possible though such incidences are rare. “It is possible that a woman can go into vaginismus. This is when the muscles around the vagina tighten involuntarily when there is an attempt to penetrate it. However, this can happen during intercourse when the penile shaft has already been inserted and the muscles close in, zapping and locking on it,” he says. Scientifically it is described as penis captivas.

To Watch The Video CLICK HERE


Posted by Marvellous Chijioke


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