VIDEO: Nicki Minaj Addresses Relationship With Meek Mill


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Has Nicki Minaj moved on to a new relationship with a fellow rap star? With rumors buzzing all over social media, Nicki finally addressed her relationship with Meek Mill on the Ryan Seacrest radio show on Dec. 16.
Nicki Minaj, 32 has been spending a lot of extra time with rapper Meek Mill, 27 in the weeks since his release from jail. With Nicki newly single, has Meek Mill been able to claim the rap queen’s heart?

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Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill: Are They Dating?
Nicki and Meek have been getting super close lately!

Not only do they have two songs together on Nicki’s new album, The Pinkprint, the two have been spotted together multiple times since the Philadelphia-born rapper was released from jail on Dec. 3. Nicki even spent her birthday on Dec. 8 with Meek at her side during her close, intimate dinner.

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While promoting the release of her new #1 album The Pinkprint, Nicki stopped by Ryan Seacrests  show to talk about the album and her personal life over the last year. But she seemed to become a bit flustered each time Meek was brought up!

“Who sat next to you at dinner?” Ryan asked about her birthday shindig. “New boy?” To which Nicki squealed “Shut Up!” and blushed, before finally answering shyly “No, no new boy at that dinner.”

Prompted by fan tweets, Ryan eventually asked straight-up: “Can you clear up this Meek Mill situation?”

But Nicki dropped her coy act and directly denied any real romantic connection to the rapper.

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“Let me clear this up: I am SINGLE,” she stated.

“People are just assuming these things and I don’t know why. This is my friend. I’m just hanging out. We don’t look at each other like that at all!”
However, when Ryan’s co-host Ellen K re-confirmed her single status, Nicki caught a near instant case of amnesia.
“Did I say that I’m single? Oh my God,” she said.

“Well, I’ve been in a 12-year relationship. So I can’t say that I’m single. It’s sad! I don’t wanna say that.” Sounds like she’s still not quite over her ex. READ MORE


To Watch The Video CLICK HERE

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