Brymo Reacts To Bogus, Spurious Reports Of Flavour’s Album Selling 1million Copies in 5days


We all woke up this morning to a news, that i believe was sponsored for marketing purpose, of Flavour’s new album, THANKFUL selling 1 million pieces in a week. While i have 1 million questions to ask the marketer of the album, Obaino Music Inc, their phone number was not available since i found the news online until the time of the report.

While it is fairly possible to sell 1 million in a week, i find it rather disapproving for Obaino to say it has sold 1 million copies without proper statistics.

In the United States and Canada, Nielsen Soundscan and Recording Industry Association of America track sales and they are both independent bodies not a marketing/distribution company. The two companies collect data every week and make them available every Wednesday to subscribers, which include record companies, publishing firms, music retailers, independent promoters, film and TV companies, and artist managers. Obaino however a distribution company has FAILED to send out data to any of the above channels which has made it’s claim disapproving and far-fetched.

The KEY question i would love to ask Obaino is what they count as SALES, the number of disc it has shipped out to the world is not equal to the number of SALES it has made on the album, rather the number of disc that has gotten to the CONSUMER is the number of sales. A chain of distribution is not completed without the CONSUMER. How did Obaino calculate the number of disc that has been purchased by consumers? I didn’t get a receipt when i bought mine, the disc don’t come with serial numbers, they don’t get scanned by disc seller after been dispersed, how did they count?

I will save my 1 million questions for another day, however until Obaino give some explanation i find their claims BOGUS.

One man that knows more than i do about music distribution is Brymo. He reacted to the report  via his Twitter on Thursday.

Until Obaino provide data, at day 5 on who purchased, where, when, i will continue to listen to Bed of Lies by Nicki Minaj while minding my business at the same time.

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Posted by Marvellous Chijioke


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