Chibok Girls: See How Kcee Was Embarrassed in America

Kcee says he was recently embarrassed while on his American tour.

According to him, cab drivers questioned him on the fate of the Chibok girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in April.

Speaking during a press conference in Opebi, Lagos, earlier in the week, he narrated his experience thus:

“I was thoroughly embarrassed in the US a couple of days ago while I was on tour. In New York, the airport cab driver who took me to my hotel; as soon as he discovered I was a Nigerian, he asked, ‘have they found those girls.’ I was so embarrassed as I had nothing to say.

Again, it happened in Los Angeles when another cab man asked me the same question. Can you imagine a cab man saying that? It was very embarrassing and I realised that whether we like it or not, wherever we find ourselves in the world, we must defend the image of our country, but we have to start from the very source of this problems.”

According to the singer, it was a reflection of the fact that indeed a lot was wrong about the image of the country.

“Today it is Ebola, tomorrow it is Boko Haram and before you say jackie Robinson, its kidnapping. We all need to pull our resources together to make a change. We have the capacity to do that.” He said.


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