If People Want, I will Shoot One More Video For Skelewu – Davido

A recent interview with PUNCH, Davido
speaks on his Skelewu video, not being scared of competition and not seeing Wizkid as a threat.

I see nobody as competition or threat. God is behind me, so I just go into the studio, do my music and everything is fine. I develop and write
most of my songs in the studio. I’m not afraid of competition or the fact that some person will just appear on the scene and take the shine.
After all, I did it to some people, so I expect that it is something that must happen to everyone because you can’t be shining forever. But once
you are good to others, make good music, have loyal fans, that’s all that matters.
I have plans to go into oil and gas business with my elder brother next year. I want to do music
for 10 years. By that time, I will be 30, and free to rest. Some people are just starting out at 30 but I am
already a success and threat at 20. Fame at a young age is a plus because I still have like 10 years to ball while some people are just starting
at 27 [IYANYA] and 30.” On Skelewu
“The song is big already; so whatever we do people are still going to talk anyway. I shot the video like a movie and there are three videos,
so people can watch whichever one they want. If you don’t like the
instructional video, you can watch Sesan’s, if you don’t like that one; you can watch Moe Musa’s. If
people want, I will shoot one more video, it’s not easy.” = Davido

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