KCee’s Debut Album: ‘Take Over’ For Nov. 1, HISTORIC KCEE-FRIDAY!

#PullOver Sing and Win Contest, which is KCee’s way of rewarding fans (with $3,000, IPADs and Galaxy Phones) for standing by him from rejection to ATTRACTION in the Music Industry has not seen its winner but For emerging the first to get 40 Views in KCee’s
#PullOver Video Contest, KCee rewarded Yung Rex with an IPAD and a Samsung Galaxy Phone.
This is one of the many from KCee as he counts down to his album release, There is still $3,000 up for grabs in the contest. The 5 Star hit maker plans to literally ‘Take Over’ from November 1st, 2013. November 1st 2013, which is a Friday. A Friday on which KCee’s Debut Album: ‘Take Over’ will hit stores, shelves, and Streets. Thank
God it won’t be another Friday. It’s going to be a HISTORIC KCEE-FRIDAY!.
Six days until the November 1st release, date of Take Over, KCee’s Debut Album, the high-flying
Revelation of the Year has released, yet another new Single, and this one is titled: OGADINMA
Said Soso Soberekan, KCee’s Manager, “At 5- Star Music, we are humbled by the success of Single after Single KCee has released so far and we are determined to continue being more

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