[MUST READ]» Wizkid of Today Is Not The Wizkid of Yesterday Anymore!!!!

It all started as a joke, he was simply somebody
who nobody would give a second glance. That
has gone. Today, he is an A-list act, headlining
shows, getting endorsement deals and basically,
making millions. He is called Wizkid.
No doubt, the young lad has paid his dues as it
were, for few years back, nobody would have
thought the ‘errand boy’ would grow to become
this big. Indeed, his talents and luck, shone and
now, Wizkid is a superstar.
But it seems stardom is getting to his head.
Recently, the Internet was agog when the singer
called a fan ‘broke’ for correcting a grammatical
error he made.
The singer posted on his instagram that he was
about to perform at a wedding with ‘an
hangover’. The crime of the fan was telling
the correct thing to say was ‘a hangover’.
His reply angered fans who quickly reminded
that he was not born rich and it was the ‘broke’
fans who made him who he is at the moment.
Wiz hasn’t only been misbehaving online. The
took his arrogance to another height when he
allegedly poured his drink on a fan in London.
Speculation has it that all the fan did was to
out to Wizkid to greet him. Probably trying to
impress an American hip-hop sensation, Wiz
allegedly called the fan, Oloshi (Idiot). The
shocked American took to instagram to talk
Wiz’s atiitude.
Although the kid was lucky in London, luck ran
out when he allegedly tried ignoring fans who
been waiting to get a glimpse of him in Lagos.
This time the fans physically reacted to his
Dear Wiz was reportedly stoned by angry fans at
the VFS Global Services, Lekki Phase 1 over the
his arrogant attitude and his refusal to part with
some naira notes despite the much accolades
got from the cheering crowd who were so elated
to catch a glimpse of him.
Apparently our wonder boy was in a foul mood
perharps, he wasn’t given a visa for he ‘boned’
and shunned the cheering crowd as he walked
arrogantly into the waiting Porsche Cayenne.
It was gathered that Wizkid’s silence and
arrogance got the cheering fans angrier and they
stoned him as he drove off. Unfortunately for
Wizkid, one of the stones hit his side mirror but
he didn’t bother stopping anyway.
At the moment, not a few are angry with the kid
and his attitude. Some fans told Saturday Beat
that it was high time they “boycotted Wizkid.”
Another fan Reginald said, “Wizzy is just a kid
and that is what he will be until he grows up!
Let’s keep praying he grows soon.”



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