20 Best African Stand Up Comedians 2013

The new trend now is to create list and
the people do the talking, seems like a cheap
publicity these days. Officiallaughs.com
the list of top 20 best stand up comedians in
Africa. According to the popular comedy site, the
guy above beside Hasketmout is apparently the
best in Africa, followed by Basketmouth.
Full list just right after the cut…
20 Gbenga Adeyinka (Nigeria)
19 Daniel Omara (Uganda)
18 A Dot (Nigerian)
17 John Vlismas (South African)
16 Foxy P (Nigeria)
15 Nik Rabinowitz (South Africa)
14 Kasambwe Mpulamasaka (Zambia)
13 David Kibuuka (South Africa)
12 Ali Baba (Nigeria)
11 Loyiso Gola (South Africa)
10 Eddie Kadi (Congo)
9 Eric Omondi (Kenya)
8 I Go Dye (Nigeria)
7 Daliso Chaponda (Malawi)
6 David Kau (South Africa)
5 Klint The Drunk (Nigeria)
4 Riaad Moosa (South Africa)
3 Michael Blackson (Ghana)
2 Basketmouth (Nigerian)
1 Trevor Noah (South Africa)



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