Yung6ix Inks Multi-Millionaire Naira Deal Between “Kash Kamp” & “Trick Billionaire Musiq

Picking Things’ rapper and King of the
South ‘Yung6ix’ floated his imprint ”Kash
Kamp” a few months back, the camp
houses Percy (whom was featured on Yung6ix’s
most recent single ‘First Class’) as well as
talented producer Otee Beatz.Yung6ix’s camp
welcomed a hand offered from ‘Trick
Billionaire Musiq” for both parties to partner
with the end-result of taking Yung6ix and his
brand out of Africa and sharing his brilliance
with the rest of the world.
The mouth-watery deal is rumored to be worth
about $250,000 with a sign-up fee of $100,000
inclusive and will see the young rapper release
his long awaited album ’6′O Clock’ under
“Kash Kamp Trick Billionaire Musiq
(KKTBM)“; and fans should expect new stellar
materials from Onome Onokokwomo in the near
A rep from ’KKTBM’ confirmed this report
saying that the music community should expect
a wind-whirl from Yung6ix because of the
blueprint set and the drive and hunger he has
seen in the rapper and also revealed that
Onome’s debut album will hit stores in months.


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